Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo Backup Plan

I recently touched based with a friend who has probably a half a dozen memory cards for her camera. It turns out all of her photos are on these cards - she never deletes any. She just buys a new memory card when it's full. These cards are her life in photos.

However, she has no backup source. If one of these cards ever got ruined she would lose those photos!

Are all your pictures on your computer? Do you have them on memory cards or maybe disks?
You might want to have yet another backup plan...just in case. Our world is ever-changing and you just never know what may happen on any given day. Computers can malfunction, you can get a virus and of course, there is just plain old human error.

We got to talking about alternate backup sources and I thought I would pass on some useful information to my fellow crafters.

Several years ago I learned my lesson when my computer crashed and I lost everything on it...including some photos of one of my former dogs. Those were basically the only photos (save 1) that had of her. Right now I actually only have a few pictures on my computer. All the others have been uploaded to disks and stored away (from sunlight/heat/water etc). But I also have them stored somewhere else.

There are many online services that will store your photos for you FOR FREE (all you need to do is sign up for an online account). Plus these services offer you the option of printing services and/or making gifts such as calendars, mugs, key chains, handbags, etc. Most of these places will give you 25 (or more) FREE photos just for signing up and you can opt to have more offers and coupons sent to your email.

The one I use is Shutterfly (www.shutterfly.com). Once a week I try to upload any new photos from my computer/memory card just as a precaution. With S.F. I can order pictures through them and have them delivered either to my home (via regular mail usually - I did just receive one via UPS) or I can pick them up at my local Target.

A friend of mine uses Kodak Easy Share(www.kodakgallery.com). Kodak is linked to CVS Pharmacy (but double check yours) or you can also have them delivered via regular mail.

I know there is also SnapFish and many others - feel free to ask your friends or relatives what online source (if any) they use. Prices for photos or other fun gifts will vary along with print quality etc.

You also have the option of printing out duplicate photos and storing them in your scrapbooks or an acid free/archival box in a cool, dark and dry environment. Be sure to keep away from attics, basements, laundry rooms etc.

What's your backup plan? Now is the time to think of one!!

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  1. I agree. You definatly need a backup plan for your pictures. How sad that you lost some precious photos! I have printed off most of them but also saved them on photobucket.com. I also use shutterfly sometimes. p.s. I love your store, and I visit often. Maybe you could advertise some of your week's specials on your blog?! :)