Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Projects I LOVE ---- and my attempts to scrap-lift!

Hi everyone! We've attempted a blog numerous times at Scrapbooks Too, but we all get so busy with other things that it seems to “fall off of the radar screen." Lately, I’ve been thinking about more ways to stay in touch with you all, and what I could possibly have to share - I came up with an idea last week! I am always looking for ways to get great card, scrapbook and other samples in my store. Those of us who work here occasionally make them; I get them from other stores in “sample swaps;" customers sometimes make them; I get them from manufacturers.     

I’m going to take a sample I’m getting ready to display in the store, tell you about the person who made it, and show you what it inspired me to do! I have found that I am much more “inspired” to be a good store owner when I get time to craft, so each Tuesday I’m going to try to make the day my “blog, copy and sample” day. I’ll write blog posts, I’ll copy other people’s great designs, and make a stash of samples for the store. Oh yes---and I’ll make sure we have the products you need to replicate these ideas!

This first week I am featuring a card from a swap in which I recently participated. It was a “Spellbinders” swap with stores in the Crafters Home network. I put all the cards on the table in front of me, and I turned it over to see who made it---it was created by Gail Borstelmann, the Crafters Home office manager, and former Scrapbooks Too sales associate (and current customer). She can often be found at the store on Tuesdays, sharing  lunch with Kathy!

This card used a few of my favorite products --- Spellbinders Rose Creations die and paper from the Authentique “Journey” collection (still one of my top 5 favorite lines of all time). I also love the tag she made using Spellbinders Ribbon Tags Trio Three die (I love the fact that it’s designed to have the ribbon go through it)---and WOW---love the effect of the alcohol ink on glossy cardstock!   

From the same swap, another card was made using the Rose Creations die. This one was created by Missy Brozek, who is the Crafters Home Creative and Marketing Director. She also does all the design work on our beautiful newsletter. I think it’s so funny that she and Gail used the same die AND the same rub-ons!     

Since I love the Journey collection, I pulled out my 6x6 pad, and I called Gail to borrow her Rose Creations die (yes, I actually own 2 of them---one at home and one for the store---but of course I can’t find either one!). I decided to add a stamped image to mine---for a note to a friend I had lunch with last week –which I’ve been ready to use for awhile. My style isn’t quite as “clean” as Gail’s is, but I’m pleased with the result!     The stamps are by Riley and Company (I LOVE the moose!), and the Stickles, well they’re just Stickles! I couldn’t find my Glossy Accents (a new bottle is on a pile of stuff awaiting me at the store), so I embellished the flowers with some Crackle Accents instead. Similar to Gail’s, but with my own-self relfected.  

I was still inspired to do a little more, making use of all 7 pieces of the Rose Creations die set like Missy did. My 22nd anniversary is coming up very soon, and can you believe I’ve NEVER made an anniversary card for Ed? I've been playing a lot with the Echo Park“Times and Seasons” line, and inspired by it, I created something I love, which “feels” like my husband, even with the rose! My 17 year old told me a man should never get a card with a flower on it---WHATEVER! 

The stamped image is from an old ATC (artist trading card) set of Tim Holtz’s - Ornate Collages. Check the closeup image---perfect for the man I love. Now I have a week and a half to write something inside!

Last step---return the die to Gail’s office. I’ll slip over there before she gets in tomorrow (and before I have a chance to lose it!).      

I hope I’ve inspired you all a little bit---take some time to craft today. It doesn’t matter if you copy these exactly, or if you don’t copy them at all---remember why we all love paper so much! It’s because of the fun we have playing with it! We always love to see what you’ve created---bring your art to the store with you and show it off!

Do you feel inspired to inspire me? Every week I'll be picking something to copy---a sample in my store, one of the cards I see a customer make, a scrapbook page I feel like lifting... Want me to copy you? Please talk to me at the store, I'd love to feature different people each week!  

~ Sue

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