Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Altering Stickers!

Recently I have been playing around with stickers and have been having a whole lot of fun "dressing them up".

Have you thought about adding a little "something" to help your stickers attract more attention?

You can add texture, color, dimension or BLING (did someone say GLITTER?)!!!!!

Here are some fun things for you to try:

1) Give your stickers a distressed/antique look by sanding them with some fine grain sandpaper.

2) Paint them! Acrylic paint works best. Try experimenting with fun designs and patterns... maybe even stencils!

3) You can add some beautiful soft color to stickers using watercolor pencils or for more zing try those Twinkling H20's.

4) If you have a large solid sticker - add a rub-on to it for a little style.

5) Personalize those stickers with googly eyes, buttons, sequins - possibilities are endless!

6) You ink the edges of card stock and photo's - why not stickers?

7) Add stitching around your stickers...either with a gel pen or use your sewing machine if you feel adventurous.

8) Stamp small designs on your stickers or if you are feeling really creative, try doodling!

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